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Riddhi Siddhi Engineering

Fabricator and dished end manufacturers expert in India.

Established in 2014,We have over 40 years of personal experience in fabrication and dished end manufacturing.

Our reputation has been built on a commitment to craftsmanship,quality and service.
We supply our customers with the very best fabrication and dished end products.

Our products have multiple appliances across a range of industries such as pressure vessels, petrochemical refineries, nuclear operations, traditional and renewable power generation, food manufacturing and much more!

Established in 2014

40 Years of Personal Experience

Fabrication And Dished End Manufacturers

Manufacturers in India


It is therefore our greatest wish to comprehensively fulfil the demands of our customers with respect to quality, punctuality and pricing. In order to meet with the associated requirements, we implement a quality management system that conforms to a wide range of national and international standards.


Torispherical heads, ellipsoidal heads, dished heads for tanks and further specially formed parts for vessels

Torispherical heads

Elipsoidal heads

Dished bottom for tank

Spherical bottoms

Flat bottoms

Spherical dished bottoms

Dished discs

Elliptical bottoms


Inverted heads

Hemispherical Heads

Segmentel Heads

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